Snapshot of some select Wardrobes done by Increation:

Royal Finish fabric mixed design for the wardrobes

Wardrobe 1


Every cloud needs the silver lining so does the house with specific colours!

Wardrobe 2


Polka dots on the wardrobes

Wardrobe 3


Teak is the trend for ever in wardrobes any day!

Wardrobe 4!


Sliding door wardrobe

Wardrobe 5


Glass doors wadrobes

Wardrobe 6


Black and silver in purple base!

Wardrobe 7


in the making..mix of colours

Wardrobe 8


Bold colour of class used

Wardrobe 9


Veneer glass and mirror- in the making

Wardrobe 10


In the making- Slide door wadrobes

Wardrobe 11


Huge teak wadrobes

Wardrobe 12


Fully Teak Wardrobe

Wardrobe 13