Q?How long Does it take to typically finish Interiors works of a flat?

It basically depends on the detail of work that is looked for.
It can take a month to 3 months for medium to large size flats.

Q?What is the per sft rate?

It depends on what material is requested for – Veneer and Laminate rates differ.
If glass and other items are used, the costs can change based on that also.
We can discuss more verbally for details.

Q?Do you charge separately for your consultation?

No, if I am having the site works executed by my team.
If I am giving the ideas and designs and execution is done by external vendors, I do charge for consultation and designs.

Q?Do you have dedicated Team in your company ?

Yes, I do have some permanent employees and some regular contractors who are hired for specific projects.
The same team is pretty much working with me for the last several years!

Q?Do you help in Renovation related works as well?

Yes I do.